Hi John Gio, GR Sunshine Properties,
This year, my husband and I decided to purchase a property in Murcia.
We were looking for a holiday home. Something that was traditional, homely and good value for money.
As we were new to the area, we were very lucky to have found David Barrett!!! who works for GR Sunshine Properties.
He took us under his wing and helped us from the very moment we stepped of the plane on our very first visit.
He listened to all we had to say and answered all our questions. He knew exactly what we wanted and within no time at all he found our perfect dream home in the sun!
He is such a warmhearted, friendly man! He took us shopping for groceries and all kinds of items for the house on many occasions. Drove us from and to the airport many times. He is always on the end of the phone if we need anything or have any questions.
He has recommended trustworthy workmen but most importantly of all, Dave had now become a true and dear friend! And this friendship will truly grow each time we make a visit.
He must be a valuable asset to you John Gio!
Kind Regards
Emma and Clive Goble
November 2017
Property in Murcia