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Property for sale in Torrevieja, providing some interesting information

Torrevieja is situated directly on the coastline and is about an hours drive away from Alicante making it easy to find from the closest airport.

Torrevieja was once popular fishing village that has been converted to a more modern town however still manages to keep its old characteristics. Located on the beach front, this town is perfect for those who are searching for somewhere withing walking distance to one of the many beaches along its coastline.

The towns 14km promenade is lined with a variety of typical Spanish restaurants and links up with its busy port. The town itself has many other sights to visit with its multiple museums, theaters, shops and markets.


This area of Spain provides a wonderful living experience for all ages as it enjoys very hot summers and mild winters and due to this has become a popular relocation destination for many northern Europeans.

Until 1802, Torrevieja existed only as an ancient guard tower, which gave the town its name (Torre Vieja (Spanish) meaning Old Tower) and some laborers’ cottages. But in 1803, Charles IV authorized the movement of the salt production offices from La Mata to the town itself and allowed the construction of dwellings there. In 1829, the town was totally destroyed by an earthquake, but the basins were soon reconstructed and re-opened. In 1931, Alfonso XIII gave Torrevieja city status by special grant. During this period, there was also a growing market for hemp and cotton.

In the 19th century, the salt was shipped from the town by Swedish and Dutch ships. At the time, there was a small demand from other regions of Spain, mainly Galicia and to a lesser extent, Valencia. Although by the dawn of the 20th century, a quarter of all the salt harvested from the lagoon in Torrevieja was sold in Spain itself, and the rest exported was to foreign markets. Today, it is still an important industry in Torrevieja and a major employer. You can visit the Museum of Sea and Salt.

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