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Murcia has a chain of mountains surrounds the plain which Murcia sits upon, a city of Arab origin whose existence is closely linked to the fertile lands around the river Segura. From among its streets of guilds emerges the tower of the Cathedral, one of the symbols of the city.

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Although Murcia has been inhabited for more than 2,000 years, the capital, Murcia, was not founded until 831, when the Emir of Cordoba Abderraman II commissioned a walled city on the banks of the Segura River and turned it into the Caliphate.

It was then in Murcia that the Moorish region of Mursiya started to gain importance, until it became part of the Kingdom of Castile in the 13th century. Today in Murcia there are many places that speak of its Moorish past. Some important architectural remains are the Almunia Real or the second residence of the Moorish monarchs. They are about five kilometres north of Murcia and many pieces collected there can be seen at the Santa Clara Museum. There are also remains of monuments from the Moorish wall in different parts of the old quarter in Murcia.

Murcia Festivities, gastronomy and the surroundings The Easter week celebrations stand out especially amidst the city’s the traditional fiestas. The “salzillos” procession, held on Good Friday, is well worth seeing. Also outstanding is the “Entierro de la Sardina” (burial of the sardine) celebration held during the Spring Fiestas. It has the International Tourist Interest designation and includes a parade.

In Murcia one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in the capital is probably the “Bando de la Huerta”, which has been celebrated every Holy Tuesday for over a century and a half. This celebration exalts regional gastronomy and folklore, with parades, regional costumes, tasting of typical products and reading of verses in panocho (language of the irrigated region). Another quite popular festivity is the Virgen de la Fuensanta Pilgrimage, where a procession takes the virgin from the cathedral to the shrine, five kilometres from Murcia.

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