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10 reasons to buy a villa on the Costa Blanca May 2019
John Rizzo

The good weather’s kicking in in our country, and as it does so pretty much everyone is starting to think about enjoying some much-deserved days on the beach.

For those of us who are lucky enough to live on the Costa Blanca, the sun shining in the middle of a bright blue sky is a common view upon opening our bedroom windows almost all year round.

To live on the Costa Blanca is a synonym of wellbeing and quality of life, two fundamental elements especially when one looks for a place to retire or to spend lengthy holiday periods.

Yet our region isn’t just sun and beaches. Buying a Villa on the Costa Blanca also provides a great opportunity for those who wish to see some mid- to long-term returns.

If you’ve already decided to buy a new build villa in Spain, but you’re not quite sure exactly where yet, here are 10 reasons to choose the Costa Blanca:

1. Increase in number of transactions

Following seven years of abrupt and continuous decreases, as of 2013 the new development property market in the Valencian Community seems to have stabilised.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, 2,505 new development property transactions were made in the Valencian Community, 1,366 of them in Alicante province.

Although the number of sales of second-hand properties is increasing at a faster rate, a certain upward trend is also becoming apparent in the new development market. 

Data from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport

2. Inexpensive price per square metre

Although the number of transactions is increasing, the price per square metre remains considerably lower than the highs registered during the real estate boom.

We can see that the price for property in the Costa Blanca municipalities studied is still far from the highest registered prices of the past.

3. Low interest rates

In 2016 the Euribor (the index more than 80% of Spanish mortgages are based on) reached negative figures for the first time.

Although all the experts agree that this index will gradually return to positive figures, the fact is that at the moment the cost of a mortgage is as low as it has ever been.

Moreover, the new mortgage law is expected to come into effect in June with a new allocation of costs that favours the client.

4. Foreseeable economic growth

The European Commission expected to see a growth of 2.1% in our country in April 2019. This was one of the greatest increases expected in all the Mediterranean area.


Expected Growth in the European Union  www.imf.org

This forecast, together with the real estate market statistics, points to property prices in Spain continuing on their upward trend, something to be kept in mind particularly by those who are thinking of buying as an investment.

5. 300 days of sunshine a year

Buying a villa on the Costa Blanca means being able to enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year. With an average temperature of between 17ºC and 19ºC, this region is a favourite place for those looking to escape the cold weather and heavy rain.

6. 218 km of beaches

Is there a better place to enjoy the sunshine than on a beach? With more than 218 km of beaches and little covesAlicante is the Spanish province with the greatest number of blue flags, a heavenly enclave in which to enjoy a relaxing walk on the sand, a refreshing dip in the sea or a fun nautical activity.

7. Culture and tradition

The Valencian Community has up to 7 places that have been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Focusing on the province of Alicante, we can take in some of the cave art that appears all over the Mediterranean arch, El Palmeral or the Misterio de Elche.

An ideal place to buy a property and immerse ourselves in the area’s regional culture.

8. Quality of life

The Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest places to live according to the WHO. Plus, the life expectancy of the Spaniards is the second longest in the world, behind the Japanese, according to the OECD.

The figures reveal that Spaniards live an average of 82.83 years (data from 2016).

The high quality of the health service, with 97.9% of the population able to access the public health services, provides for an exceptional quality of life.

9. Excellent infrastructure

The Costa Blanca has a first-rate network of communications that makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the world. El Altet international airport in Alicante has regular flights to various places across Spain and Europe. From there, any spot on the Costa Blanca can be reached by main road or on the A7 motorway.

The Spanish rail network is also outstanding thanks to its long, modern communicating tracks.

Spanish railway network: Red (conventional Iberian width tracks), blue, (lhigh speed lines), green (metric width).Wikipedia

10. Affordable cost of living

According to the latest data published by Eurostats, living in Spain is 10% cheaper than in the other countries in the European Union. Of particular note is the fact that transport services are 18% cheaper on average than in the other European countries and food is 12% cheaper.

At the other end of the scale, however, we have the most expensive electricity, gas and fuel, all 4% more expensive, and furniture is 3% more expensive.

Although it’s a very touristy place, Costa Blanca property prices (both sale and rental prices) are a lot lower than in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or San Sebastián, where much of a family’s income goes to paying for their accommodation.

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